You've reached the Boekelheide web page. This is maintained by Karl and Linda Boekelheide in Tigard, Oregon, US of A.

    Index of our pictures

Following are a few of us who are at Boekelheide.com. I may be paranoid but I'm putting E-mail addresses with " at " in place of "@" so as to foil automatic name finders for spam lists. If you're a Boekelheide and would like to be listed here, let me know. Lee (Bogus) and Margret from the other side of Tigard are at Boekelheide.net


Amanda Boekelheide, NYC, New York, Amanda at Boekelheide.com Amanda
Anne Boekelheide, San Francisco, California, Annie at Boekelheide.com
Caroline Boekelheide, Eugene, Oregon, Caroline at Boekelheide.com
David Boekelheide, Portland, Oregon, David at Boekelheide.com David
Erich Boekelheide, Eugene, Oregon Erich at Boekelheide.com Erich's Site and Sound
Karl Boekelheide, Tigard, Oregon, Karl at Boekelheide.com Karl and Linda
Linda Boekelheide, Tigard, Oregon, Linda at Boekelheide.com Karl and Linda